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About Webtunix

We, being an artificial intelligence development company in the USA are working on the most grueling problems faced by businesses, brands, and organizations. We solve your business problems by implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions. No matter at what stage your business is at.

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Our Expertise

Our expertise in the cutting edge and latest technologies will empower your business. Choose any of our services or industry solutions, your work will be done only by using the best methodologies and technologies.

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Let’s create a better tomorrow

We deliver best in business AI solutions for every business of every size in any sector. Collaborate with us and we will bring you to the forefront of your industry.


Our Services

Our service expertise includes offerings in the following.


Human And Computer Vision

Building a computer vision solution with Webtunix is a no-brainer. Whatever your industry needs, we have the solution for you. Our human and computer vision platforms offer image classification and more.


Speech and Audio

Our platforms are powered with the speech-to-text transcription system backed by machine learning models. Our image classification models go from simple image classification to labeling semantic segmentation.


Video Object Tracking

We provide video annotation solutions that combine the machine learning and training data generated by humans to track the object in the videos that are 100 times faster than the manual video object training.


Data Reinforcement and Categorization

Our exclusive human in the loop data reinforcement platform is highly customizable. Some of our most popular data categorization jobs are business data collection, product categorization and deduplication of data.


Natural Language Processing(NLP)

We are unbeatable when it comes to annotating millions of pieces of text. Our ML platform is the key behind our powerful solution. We can validate text data for a wide range of domains in all the major languages.



We are a one-stop platform for all your annotation needs. We support annotations in the 3D point cloud, semantic segmentation, video annotation, polylines, 3D bounding boxes, polygons, and landmarks.


Our Aim

We understand your business needs and provide you the solutions that hit the bull's eye. We support you in your entire business process and pinpoint the areas where you need improvement and implement the true artificial intelligence solutions.



What Webtunix can do for your Business?
Webtunix is an AI and machine learning company in the USA. We can offer end to end service for your business. We identify your business needs and how your data can help you to achieve it and what return you can have on your investment.
We provide our customers with a fully managed service to support every stage of their journey. We just don't sell software solution and leave you to it like other artificial intelligence companies in the United States of America. From implementing and onboarding our AI system to monitoring and evaluating the results, we will be with you in every step of the way to success.
Our platform is designed revolving around the security at its core and protect your data throught your time with us.