Deep Learning Services

Deep Learning is an area of Machine Learning algorithms having multiple layers for feature extraction and transformation, each successive layer uses output from previous layer as an input. Deep Learning services includes learning of deep structured and unstructured representation of data and allow to build a solution optimized from algorithm to solve Machine Learning problems.

Deep Learning service is the fastest-growing field in Machine Learning. It uses deep neural networks to abstract data such as images, sound and text.

Machine Learning is most emerging area and fastest growing field and Deep Learning services represents its true bleeding edge. This is a best technology inspired by the working of human brain. Networks of artificial neurons analyze huge amount of datasets to automatically discover underlying patterns, without human intervention.

Webtunix is a Company of Artificial Intelligence consulting, that is located in India. It offers flexible Artificial Intelligence services to Industry. Our prime focus is Deep Learning. Webtunix’s deep learning services examine billions of images to automatically learn to identify disease. Webtunix is an Artificial Intelligence Consulting company that works with a wide range of partner and data sources top develop state-of-the-art-clinical decision support products. Our Deep Learning services can incorporate a wide range of unstructured medical data, pathology, radiology images and laboratory results.

In present Scenario, clients demands real time application to process huge amount of data of business firms and blue chip stocks for which Deep Learning is used. Deep learning is a key to learn from unstructured data beneficially in real-world applications whose networks can be successfully applied to big data for knowledge discovery, knowledge application and knowledge-based prediction. It helps researchers to analyse medical data for treatment of diseases, enhances doctors’ to analyse medical images thus improving patient care.

We make organizations use Deep Learning techniques to improve their products. We do this through a mix of-on-site engineering, training, support and custom software development. We are proponents of python based frameworks keras and theano.

Our Deep Learning services are:

  • Finance
  • Health care
  • Life Science
  • Video Recognition
  • Sentimental Analysis
  • Radiology
  • Agriculture
  • Web Speed optimization
  • Image Processing
  • Stock Market Prediction
  • Medical diagnosis
  • Demand prediction
  • Anomaly detection
  • Fraud detection
  • Customer churn
  • Automatically Adding Sounds to Silent Movies
  • Automatic Machine Translation
  • Object Classification and Detection
  • Automatic Handwriting Generation
  • Automatic Text Generation
  • Automatic Image Caption Generation
  • Automatic Game Playing
  • Automatic Image Tagging
  • Apparels Recommender
  • Music Generation
  • Music Tagging
  • Echo Cancellation
  • Deep Learning and IOT
  • Optical Character recognition
  • Source Localization
  • Betting Prediction

As a Company of Deep Learning service provider in India, Webtunix is a Artificial Intelligence Consulting company providing an Artificial Intelligent based platform.It is able to deliver enhace solutions to improve and enhance various programs that uses deep learning services to detect, predict and prevent advanced persistent threats in real time.

AI has been focused on deep learning which includes training of artificial neural networks on lots of data and then getting them to make inferences about new data. In classification of different diseases, support vector machine and Machine Learning is used. Webtunix is one of the leading Artificial Intelligence Consulting, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning company. Our expertise handle project based on deep learning and AI who are able to design, train, deploy neural network and image processing using feature extraction.

Further solved projects over deep neural network model, fingerprint matching, image recognition, age estimation, word recognition, mapping and removal of high density noise using fuzzy filters. All of these are possible by a family of AI techniques known as deep learning, though deep neural networks.

Vision is to transform industry through deep learning techniques with increasing percentage of accuracy. Performance in not only accuracy but also provide services to makes your requirement fulfilled.