Prediction System

A Prediction or forecasting system, is a statement about uncertain event, often which based upon the knowledge or experience.In computer language, the term “prediction” is used to refer an “opinion or guess” which might be informed by person’s Inductive reasoning Adductive reasoning, Deductive reasoning and previous experience that may be useful. In statictics, prediction is part of statictical inference or predictive inference which can be undertaken within various approaches to transferring knowledge of sample poulation to the whole population.

When information is transferred across time, often to specific points in time which is called as forecasting. Forecasting is based upon time-series methods and it required time-series data. Various statical techniques used for predictions include Linear regression, logistic regression, vector autoregression. These models are included in Machine learning which can used for commericial usage.

Predictive analytics needs proper understanding of mathematical and statistical principles that underlie modern data techniques. Webtunix have data behaviour analysis team who are mathematicians, statisticians and computer scientists for consumer

Our technology allows to build Fully automated predictive behavior modeling system which acquires data, make decisions based, and execute transactions based on those decisions. Data Science helps us to build customer behavior predictive models of markets and behaviour of financial instruments traded in markets. Prediction models fall into three wide categories are: technical analysis, fundamental analysis, technological methods.

Stock Market Prediction/Finanace

Stock market prediction is term of trying to define the future value of Company’s financial instrument and stock traded on exchange. The successful stock prediction future price could significant profitable. The stock market hypothesis determines that stocks prices reflects the all information available currently and changes are not based on newly revealed information therefore are inherently unpredictable. Our Stock Market Prediction System Comprieses of OHLCV Data (Open, High, Low, Close, volume) Data.

Supervised learning model techniques of machine learning are used in predicting stock price trend of asingle stock, development of trading strategy logic and deep functionality of stocks to understand stock market better. Machine learning optimizes trading firms strategies thus predict movement of stock portfolio by analyzing stock candles and its mountain. We are providing business problem’s specific solution by predictive analysis for smarter decision making as well as keeping data secret and protective.

Betting Prediction System/ Horse Racing Prediction System

We don’t sell bets. This is just traditional method to make profit from horse racing, dog racing using machine learning techniques involving dozens of variables amd parmeters. These parameters including: Horse-Name, Gender, Age, Weight, Pedigree, Speed over multiple distances, Venue, weather, race data with positions and times – etc. Jockey Info, Trainer Info, Track Info – track location, track condictions and many more.

Betting Prediction System/Horse Racing Prediction System has massive data containing multiple parameters, which is difficult for an Individual. Our Data analysis team has a responsibily for finding, compiling and updating and maintaining the data for future prediction using Deep Learning models.

Webtunix AI Collected the dataset and studied about the skills and make a prediction, that a particular horse will win on particular race. We take these predictions using machine learning algoritmsto predict the loss and win depends upon the performance history.

Webtunix Services

Sports Gaming Prediction System

Sports Betting Prediction System or Sports Gaming Prediction Systems are sets of events that combined for sepecific game for particular sport representation for making profits. The sports Betting system involves humans, there is no deterministic edge to use gambling or betting house. This prediction system is based upon the statistical analysis for accurate predictions. There are plenty of parameters needs to follow for predictions : 3PA, Streak, Home Away, Re-bounds, Assists, Fields Goals, Field Goal Percentage, Points, Fouls and many more.

For statistical modelling, we always prefer regresssion analysis to determine the important factors which affect higher on outcome of event. Basically, Sports Betting Prediction System is done with multivariate linear regression. Because these events are complicated containing many parameters which is extremely difficult to understand,but not impossible, SO needs to identify the varilable correctly that affetcts high on outcome of game.

Medical Prediction system

A major challenge facing the medical organizations is provision of quality services and affordable costs. Quality service implies disgnosing patients correctly and administering treatments are effective. Simetimes, poor clinical decisions can lead disaster consequences which are ubnacceptable.

Basically, Clinical decisions are based upon the experience and intitution rather than the rich data experience in the database. Our main aim is to provide Medical/Disease Prediction services using data mining modelling technique using Machine learning. Our Data analysis team will create the web based questionnaire application, that will ask questions to users and their symptoms and discover the best recommendation patterns. These relations and patterns are associoated with historical data of disease Prediction System which will be helpful for diagnosing the health condition of user.

Customer Behaviour Prediction System:

Customer behaviour modelling determines the behaviour of customers to predict how similar customers behave under similar circumstances. Basically, Customer Behaviour Prediction System is construction of mathematical modelling to represent the common behaviour among particular group of customers. These models are based upon data mining of customer bahviour data and each model will be designed to answer one question at one point of time.

Basically, customer behaviour Machine learning Prediction system is difficult and containing massive data, so our smart and experience behaviour data analysis team will understand and find a way to built mathematical techniques to make it userful. Most of cases, customer behavior models are based upon the Frequency, recency and Monetary value.

Webtunix AI introduces Customer behaviour modeling techniques which are effective and far advanced than conventional methods. We will analyze the Reviews, comments, closed-loop system and marketer behaviour and predict the accurate analysis in easy-to-use application.

Power Generation and Energy Consumption Prediction

Energy Consumption Prediction system is quantitative analytsis model based upon historical data from externals factors and clients such as calender or weather. This is only possible to make use of statistical and mathematical modeling to make precise estimate of future energy requirments. To carry out the power output prediction few days in advance, of solar power or Industrial power house, we can predict the “demand and supply” balance and information.

We can predict the amount of energy of target point using geographic information, weather condictions, infrastructure, previous consumption and surrounding information. Along with that, combining the information of measured data from smart meter, we can predict the power supply, consumption and demand balance.

Thermal Performance Prediction System

With the advanced development of Artificial Intelligence Services and techniques used in recent decades for thermal systems, many algorithms are used in optimal design for heat excahnges. There are some parameters like optimal design, performace prediction, cost minimization of heat exchanges are vital targets for both users and designers. There are some common AI Machine learning methods (Genetic Algorithm, Artificial Neural Network) are applied to optimize and predict the thermal performace. Webtunix AI has Data analysis team, who can analyze the series of data with different parameters like Power, Load, thermal performace, temperature and many more.

Since prediction system are explored in different categories and systems so that they can serve in order to create value for customers. Webtunix makes customer reliability and correct delivery an important concern for their business.

Why use Prediction System?

• What happens when technology unravels far-reaching prediction possibilities?
• What happens when an ancient knowledge is empirically   mathematically mapped out in pursuit of scientific basis?'
• What happens when a system brings together a unique knowledge base, a high-powered prediction algorithm and cloud-based enterprise technology for the ultimate delivery convergence in prediction?

Various Artificial Intelligence techniques Fuzzy logic emerges as an advantageous in predicting future events. Objective type of fuzzy modeling is used to build prediction system and improve its efficiency while subjective fuzzy modeling is used to develop necessary input for prediction system. In stock market prediction subjective fuzzy modeling is applied which helps to take better personalized decision, enabling customers and business for their better management.

Machine learning has proved to be a powerful tool as prediction of outcomes on basis of historical data is done in an efficient manner. Since our Artificial Intelligence consulting Company develop models with the intent of delivering maximal predictive accuracy. We have built models for the prediction of stocks, horse race, betting and sentiment analysis.